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The Best Methods on How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds seems tricky, but don’t give up! In this guide, we’ll show different kinds of methods of how to germinate cannabis seeds. We’ll explain a bit from our experience and from other professionals.

How Do Cannabis Seeds Work?

First, it’s good to know what a cannabis seed actually is, and how it works. A seed is a coat or small protective case for a plant’s embryo. This seed is capable to grow into another new plant that inherited traits from its parent plant. It can be either male or female.

While male and female plants are both necessary for reproduction, it takes a female plant to make the buds we all know. Males pollinate the females, causing them to produce seeds.

How Do Cannabis Seeds Work?


There is one big difference in seeds when it comes to buying them. You can choose between Feminized, Regular, and Autoflower seeds. We’ll explain a bit more below.

By removing the male chromosomes in the seeds, you’ll get feminized seeds. These ones produce only female flowers.

Regular cannabis seeds are totally natural, meaning they have not been treated to alter their genes. Expect approximately 50% male and 50% female offspring, but you may also get 70%/30%.

Auto-flower cannabis seed will start flowering by itself after a few weeks, regardless of the intensity or duration of light. They are specially developed to eliminate the maximum of effort on your part. It begins to grow just a few days after germination, so you can enjoy your plants as soon as possible.

Our Own Experience – Coffee Filter + Ziplock

The first method we would like to discuss on how to germinate a Cannabis seed is the use of a coffee filter and a ziplock bag. Pick an unbleached coffee filter and put this in the ziplock bag. Open the bag and fill the bottom with a shotglass of water. Get the coffee filter in the middle of the bag, with the opening in front of you. Close the bag and put it on a flat surface. This way, the water moisturizes the coffee filter. Open the bag, and pick your seed. Put the seed in the middle of the coffee filter.

if you’ve done everything correctly, you would be able to stick the bag with tape to your window or in your grow tent.

Methods Recommended By Different Breeders – Glass Of Water

This one is a bit controversial because the seed can drown. First thing you need to do is to fill a glass of water and bring it to room temperature. Put the seeds in the glass. It goes quickly, sometimes it only takes 48 hours for the seed to sprout. When you see about 3 mm of roots you put the seed in the soil.

Methods Recommended By Different Breeders – Directly In Soil

The last method we discuss it to put the seed directly in soil. As always, preparation is everything. Create a small hole with your finger – about 1,5 CM deep. Place the seed into it and make sure to cover it up again with some soil. If you already have roots on your seed, make sure to place the root downwards. Keep the soil moist. For the best experiences you use a lamp.

You need to take a look at it once in a while to know if everything is going as planned. Within a week you’ll see your first seedling.


We hope this article helped you to germinate seeds in an easy and effective way. Within no time you’ll grow a beautiful plant. We can’t wait to hear about the methods you prefer, so let us know in the comments. Also if you have any more tips, feel free to share. Thanks for reading!

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