DFM Edible Cup Results

We are happy to announce the winners of our first-ever “Edible Cup” competition, the third edition of DFM Cup. We hope all those taking part enjoyed this initiative and we do encourage you to keep an eye on our social networks to find out about the next one.

A big congratulations, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated. It was a difficult judging session for our judging panel as there was an overwhelming high quality in every edible they received. Let’s get to it!

Low Dosed Category

First Place – Belgian Pralines by Johnny Dabb
Score: 83.9

Second Place – Vegan Fruit Pastilles by Nice things For Nice People
Score: 73.4

Third Place – Chocolate Star Bar by Space Monkey Edibles
Score: 68

Mid Dosed Category

First Place – Get Stoned by Johnny Dabb
Score: 85.6

Second Place – Infused Cheetos by Bonnie and Clyde Edibles
Score: 80.6

Third Place – Infused Bananas by Bonnie and Clyde Edibles
Score: 75.4

High Dosed Category

First Place – Nerdz Ropez by SFX x Panda
Score: 74.8

Second Place – Cookie Bombs by Shoshana
Score: 71.4

Third Place – Brownie by Candy’s Mimi
Score: 67.4

Liquid Category

First Place – Infused Chocomilk by Café Creemers

Second Place – Lavender Weed Honey by Mysteryweeds

Third Place – Honey CBD by Mysteryweeds

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