Review: Hash & Rolling Papers From Amsterdam Genetics

For a truly unique Amsterdam experience, Amsterdam Genetics x Boerejongens has what you’re looking for. The shops aren’t too big or small, but just right. High-end strains are plentiful, edibles are mouth-watering, and you won’t be able to get enough of their famous hash.

We had to stop by the coffeeshop for its new hash packaging as well as the collaboration between Amsterdam Genetics and Mascotte. We were looking forward to enjoying some of their famous high-quality hash, and we were not disappointed.

The Hash

We picked up 4 of our favorite hash samples: The Morrocan Tbizla, The Super Silver Magic Haze Block, their famous White Choco Block, and the Kosher Tangie Kush Block.

Hash From Amsterdam

This traditional hash from Morocco is something we’ve been missing for a long time. Sweet and complex, it’s a perfect high at the end of your day — its strong cerebral euphoric high relaxes you and makes you forget about any stress of everyday life.

Super Silvr Haze Block Amsterdam

Super Magic Silver Haze Block
This is a high-quality hash, it’s a spicey blend that makes you want to chill. It will make you all warm and fuzzy inside and might make you fall asleep with its deep and calm buzz.

white choco block Amsterdam

White Choco Block
After opening the container, we were hit with an exotic smell that was sweet and kushy at the same time — a familiar scent that made us want to go home at once and get our papers out.

Kosher Tangie Kus Hash Amsterdam

Kosher Tangie Kush Block
We love this one! It has a fruity smell and a kushy taste. Its strong body high will relax your whole body and leave you completely satisfied.

The Rolling Papers Collaboration

You’ve probably seen these pretty papers around already. The papers burn with the same quality we’d expect from Mascotte. The design is a nice touch — what we like most about these papers is the way Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics were able to blend together.

Mascotte Rolling Paper

Overall we had a good experience. Therefore, if you’re ever in Amsterdam, make sure to stop by this shop and say hello to the lovely staff.

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