DFM Edible Cup Judge Intro: no. 2. Mila, The Queen Of Hash

The second team of judges is from royal blood, no one other than the Queen of Hash Mila, backed up by the heavy tolerance team from the Pollinator Company. The crew will wrap their minds around the entries this season. We find ourselves with an experienced team that knows how and when to ride the wave of each edible.

Mila needs no introduction in our opinion, but if you lived under a rock for the last decades, let’s line up some things what she is known for. She has a love for travel, lived at many different places around the world, constantly meeting new people, and learning about new cultures. She brings knowledge, technique, happiness about hash, the Dab-A-Doo, and of course, the Pollinator Company which she has founded back in ’94. Due to a lack of good hash in all the coffee shops at that time, she started to make her own.

The Pollinator Team brings a wonderful contribution to passionate people all over the globe. They are known for their great customer service, if you have a problem they will find you a solution.

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